Almost Lover

This is one of those songs that I have to listen to with eyes closed. Last one I'm posting tonight, enjoy :)  

Best of Craiglist (I know, too much time in my hands)

Naked dumpster diver - m4m It was a magical experience if ever I've had one. Walking up and down the back alleys looking for something, anything, to make me feel alive and I noticed some old thrown out adult DVD covers in the dumpster of...

Blow Job by Samara

This is a great writer I follow in Wordpress -  I also follow her in Soundcloud, hope you enjoy this one as I did.  


I spent many days and nights in the jungles of Panama. Happened many (many, many) years back while I was in the US Army. I hated not bathing for weeks at a time and not being able to wash my hair (had much more then). One thing I learned,...